Now that you know the tips and tricks to survive the game, let see some of the advanced level strategies to level up fast.


Tweak button sizes:

The default settings and on-screen controls are appropriate for beginners. But, a pro player interested in playing a squad match must have both the peek buttons and trigger buttons close to each other on the right side (for left-handers, keep them on the left side).

The sprint button needs to be kept a little higher than its normal position. Make sure to keep enough room for the thumb to look around and aim properly.

Adjust graphics:

Graphics play a key role in any gaming module. The new 0.10.0 update brings allows you to adjust the screen settings to suit your mobile’s aspect ratio. Normal, 18:9 and Notch are the three options available. Using colorful graphics also help to locate enemies easily.

Make good use of Training ground:

It is always good to try playing the game in the training ground and learn about different kinds of guns and ammo to see which is more effective.

Guns like the AKM has a high damage rate, but also high recoil. So, if you by heart the recoil pattern and master the gun, you will have edge over others.


Land at hotspots that are away from the flight path: Take enough time to learn the map completely before beginning the actual game. Also, make sure to choose the right spot for landing and loot place.

Compensators and Suppressors are better than Flash Hiders: While looting, do look for a compensator or a suppressor which is far more effective than flash hiders. A compensator reduces recoil by 25 percent. Suppressors cloak both the sound and the bullet echo when you fire the gun.

Edge of the circle play: This is perhaps the best way to implement when aiming for a chicken dinner. The trick here is to play along the edge of the blue circle. Since you are at the edge, you can keep an eye on the timer and escape in time when a life-threatening situation occurs.

Also, by wearing a blue costume you can disguise yourself with the blue zone itself, making it harder for the opponent to spot you.


Bridge Block:

This is by far one of the least used strategies in the initial stages of PUBG. Later on, it became an important strategy among players playing in squads.

When you are playing the game collect as many cars as you can to make a bridge and hideout. Yet another hideout option is to stay behind the unusable cars creating a bridge.

Switch to a 4X from a 6X

Having a wider vision of the playing field is always better. The wider the horizon, the better and clearer you can spot the enemies and kill them.

Don’t kill knocked out players immediately: In the advanced stages

When you are playing at an advanced level with just about 40 players left in the game, do not kill them immediately. Use some of them as bait to confuse other players.

Often, the knocked-out player will ask for help from his team members. When they come to revive him, you can kill them with either a grenade or spray an automatic rifle on them.

Divide and Conquer:

It is always better to start as a group. But, once you have looted enough, you can spread in a team of two and ambush other groups.

Use an exploded car for cover

Unusable cars in PUBG are a great hideout spots. See if you can find a bullet-proof car for better protection. But, remember bullet-proof cars are not of use when two or three rounds of 7.62mm bullets are fired at it.


Ditch the car: Driving a car especially in Miramar, where there is an open ground is an ideal option to keep yourself protected from the enemies.

Drop secondary weapons if you’re wearing a ghillie suit

If you’re disguising wearing a ghillie suit, then it is better to drop the it while on Miramar.

Use smoke grenades to create diversions

One of the best ways to create a diversion and escape from a life-threatening situation is to use a smoke grenade.

Carpet bomb enemies out of their hiding spots

Carpet bombs are best prompt the enemies hiding in bushes to come out. As soon as they come out, you can kill them.

Switch to a gun with higher rate of fire

As you nearing the end of the game, use either an UMP9 or an UZI, both of which have a higher rate of fire.

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